Rangers of the Maelstorm

Berell and beyond

Session 6

Upon arriving in Berell, the well populated and medium sized city on the shores of Lok-Vas, they are greeted by Captain Teagan Liteleaf. He is in charge of the Gray Rangers in Berell and is happy to have the group there. He informs them of their growing reputation, directs them to Olin Gogswell’s library and offers them places to stay in the barracks.

The ranger meet with Olin who is happy to help. He examines the crystal sphere that contains a multi- colored ever changing geometric design. It’s clear that Olin takes his work seriously and begins his research with the assistance of Dasyra the druid. The others make their way to a nearby tavern, “The Wiley Goat” to pass the time, drinking, gambling and the like.

The next day an exhausted Olin explains that the rangers have a “Shanais’s Stone”. The stone is a moment of time, the destiny of Ann Melain. Alakar mystics claim that they are links in the chain of time and space and possess a dangerous amount of power. He warned that the stone is a lighthouse to every power hungry, evil thing out there. It had to be hidden. The stone can’t be destroyed or put back into Ann Melain. While the rangers debated what to do next they received a message.

A ranger had been brutally killed as a message to the rangers… “Warlord H’Eden Rauk demands the destiny or he will raise the city of Berell and slaughter the people. The runner will arrive at midnight.” Disturbed and unsure of the identity of the warlord the Gray Rangers and the town guard set defenses. When the runner arrived at midnight, the rangers declined to surrender the stone and Kath, the Aveakar killed him with an arrow through his third eye. Much to the dismay of the group the die was cast.

Near dawn the docks of Berell were attacked by a kraken like beast. The guard headed over to defended and were ambushed from the sewers by ratzkin and minotaur forces. Meanwhile a large hydra rampaged into town, chaos reigned. A pitched battle raged on two fronts as the rangers took on the monsters with courage and steel. Kath managed to rally the rangers on the docks and drive off the kraken. Dagan Thunderstone, J’Rothe and Dasyra defeated the hydra and saved some locals from a burning building only to be waylaid by a thratchen.

The goat-faced monster managed to steal the stone from Dasyra and escape. J’Rothe was in pursuit and managed to corner and get the stone from the thratchen and set the wounded beast into the shadow without its prize. Dagan however was not done with the Thratchen and ran it down and split it in two with his axe.

As the dust settled Olin advised the rangers that he had found the means to lock the stone away and keep it safe. However the book that held the secrets was long since lost to the sands of time. The only solution was to send the rangers back in time to the Empire of the Sun and retrieve it.



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