Rangers of the Maelstorm

Briar Patch

Session 3

J’roth was greeted at the village of Faullville by a beaten peasant boy. He told him that men with scary faces had seized control of the village and surrounded it with zombies. They had a warning for the rangers. “Stay out of it.”
J’roth scouted the village and determined there was significant hordes of undead surrounding the village. He waited down the road for the rest of the rangers and worked on a plan to retake the village.
Slissk and Grizzback escorted Ann Melain back to Round Bend. After making sure she would be looked after they met up with a trio of rangers. Dagan Thunderstone, dwarven warrior, Kath the Aveakar archer and the druid priestess (GM Note, it’s possible I was given a name, it’s my error, apologies.) After brief introductions the rangers made haste to meet up with J’Roth.
Upon their arrival they met with the peasant boy again who told the rangers the scary men were gone. Fearing a trap the group cautiously made way into the ramshackle village. They met with village elder, Edgar. The men were forcing the village to give up their stores and provisions or they would release the zombies to raze the village. The rangers agreed to defend the village and to take on the supply drop.
The druid priest cast a powerful spell surrounding the village with a briar patch, tall and thick. From there the rest of the rangers headed up the trail hidden or in disguise. They managed to get the drop on them three men and an ogre, saving the supplies for the villages. There victory celebration was short lived as they knew the zombies were still an immediate danger to the village.
The briar patch held. The zombies shuffled from the treeline in a mad attempt to consume the flesh of the villagers. Only to find themselves hung up in the thicket unable to escape it. The rangers made easy work of the horde impressing the villagers.
Later the rangers discovered the men who painted skulls on their faces were cultists in service of a demon named “The Viceroy”.
Kath scouted the area and saw lights in the distance. He found were the cult was hiding and their numbers were significant. Though severely outnumbered the rangers decided to prepare for a dawn attack.



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