Rangers of the Maelstorm

Handle with Care

Session 7

Olin Gogswell prepared the spell to send the rangers back in time. He intended to send them back to Ur Tamal, home of the Golden Library. There they would have to locate the Codex of Planar Ritual then cast the spell to bring them home. With some concerns the group traveled back through time. They were assured that the spell would conceal their appearance.
The group arrived in a alley way in Ur Tamal in the middle of a night when the 3 moons were full. In the southeastern sky was a unusually large star. They explored the city until they found a large tower surrounded by a massive tent city.
The people were praising Uri the God, Emperor. The current emperor of the Empire of the Sun had declared himself a god and was preparing for his ascension. The rangers grew concerned and began to formulate a plan to get into the tower.
While debating a course of action they came across two men bullying a small lame man. The rangers came to the rescue. Ali was very thankful and offered to help the players on the condition that there was no killing and he was allowed to take gold back to his family. The rangers agreed.
Ali lead the group through extensive construction tunnels and then eventually into the tower. The managed to sneak and maul their way to the vault. Inside was a fantastic treasure and a second sealed vault. Dasyra sensed something a miss and determined that Ali was magical, the group was alerted but Ali loosed his captive djinn and attacked the rangers.
The battle was on as the group seized Ali and while the wizard used every trick to over come them they managed to take him down. The djinn who had turned the chamber into a golden tornado was free from his master’s control and was ready to destroy the rangers. Kath charged with his lance and ran the monster through, a blow that would have fell any other living thing but the djinn shrugged it off, seemingly invulnerable to the weapon. The rangers seemed to be at the end of their story when an enraged efreet, sensing the djinn, stormed in to slay his mortal enemy.
Seizing the opportunity the rangers broke into the second vault. Inside was the codex, which they took and escaped. They made their way out of the city and into the surrounding jungle that encompassed the oasis. As they prepared for the journey home they discovered that the ingredients critical for their return home were destroyed. The now had to find the spell ingredients to send them home.



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