Rangers of the Maelstorm

Island of Monsters

Session 5

The rangers pursued the Tor Mastak agents from Round Bend through the Wildlands. The tracks lead them to a fishing cabin and the shore of a large lake. A quick investigation of the area led to a pair of grisly discoveries. Within the cabin was a headless hobgoblin, the body showing signs of torture. Then in the woods was a mutilated human. As a storm approached the group saw an island towards the center of the lake, Slissk took to the water to investigate.

Near the shore he discovered a boat and several tracks. He returned and the rangers, using a skiff crossed the tranquil waters to the island. They soon discovered that all the vegetation of the island was dead, that something dark and powerful happened here and killed the vegetation on the island. Dasyra, the druid, could feel the spirit of the land reaching out for life and reached out to the island. It wasn’t long before they came across a campsite and a dead and mutilated Tor Mastak agent.

The group was soon attacked by fire and earth elementals. They were easily defeated but with dangerous consequences as the fire elemental started a large and dangerous fire. While the rangers struggled to stamp out the fire, J’Rothe scouted ahead checking out an area near a discovered and disarmed trap. He pursued a fleeing figure only to be ambushed by ratzin scouts. With the help of Dagan Thunderstone and Slissk the defeated the scouts. While Dasyra fended of the attack of a massive gargoyle, despite the rangers driving off their enemies the fire was now burning out of control.

Dasyra reached out to the Ascended Illiana to stop the fire to save the corrupted lands. However it was not Illiana who answered. What Dasyra discovered later was that the island was under the protection of Ceynara and she heard Dasyra heard plea and was offended by it. The goddess of chaos sent a violent and dangerous storm to drive the rangers to her temple where her servants were waiting.

Withing the walls of the underground temple was Ann Melain, injured and strapped into a Jozwiak device. The magical device designed to destroy her body and leave only her soul behind. Guarding her was the minotaur war priest, Von Danda, his two minotaur bodyguards, the gargoyle and a thratchen. The bloody battle ensued. The rangers managed to disable the device but the force of it started to bring the temple down around their ears. The war priest and the gargoyle escaped in the chaos and the rangers barely made it out with Ann Melain.

Upon reaching safety the rangers rested and went about the business of healing themselves and Ann Melain. Upon doing so a mysterious light rose from her body and solidified on the ground. The glowing sphere contained a spinning multicolored geometrical patterned that mystified the rangers. Upon reaching their headquarters they sent a raven to an old friend of Dagan Thunderstone named Olin Gogswell, a scholar and mystic. He returned a message a few days later that he would be in Brerell in a couple days and to bring the object to him to examine.



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