Rangers of the Maelstorm

The Battle of Faulville

Session 4

As dawn approached the rangers made their way through the forest to face the cult of the Viceroy. While Dagan Thunderstone, Kath and J’Rothe approached the dealt with the sentries. The druid Dasyra Terantha, Slissk and Grizzback Grindtongue disguised themselves as cultists and dragged a cart to their walled encampment. After the sentries had been silenced, Kath took to the air in preparation for the first strike. Before the rangers could act the gates opened and some of the cultists and their zombie soldiers made their way out of the gate, acknowledging the disguised rangers before heading down the trail.

Slissk led the cart into position to block the closing of the walls then Kath went into action. Swooping down with one of the goblin’s explosive potions he bombed the command tent sending the evil occultists into chaos. The rangers moved in and soon proved their superiority over their enemy. From the burning tent emerged a brenchi acolyte and his two necromancer lieutenants. Kath swooped down and battled the acolyte. The rangers moved in and against the necromancers as well. In the end the Kath took the acolytes head and broke the occultists forces. The encampment had fallen and the rangers had won the day. In the process of wrapping up the battle they discovered that the Tor Mastak agents were nowhere to be found.

Later in the day the rangers headed back to Round Bend, to check on Ann Melain. Upon their arrival they found the constable injured and Ann Melain in the hands of the Tor Mastak.



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