Rangers of the Maelstorm

Island of Monsters
Session 5

The rangers pursued the Tor Mastak agents from Round Bend through the Wildlands. The tracks lead them to a fishing cabin and the shore of a large lake. A quick investigation of the area led to a pair of grisly discoveries. Within the cabin was a headless hobgoblin, the body showing signs of torture. Then in the woods was a mutilated human. As a storm approached the group saw an island towards the center of the lake, Slissk took to the water to investigate.

Near the shore he discovered a boat and several tracks. He returned and the rangers, using a skiff crossed the tranquil waters to the island. They soon discovered that all the vegetation of the island was dead, that something dark and powerful happened here and killed the vegetation on the island. Dasyra, the druid, could feel the spirit of the land reaching out for life and reached out to the island. It wasn’t long before they came across a campsite and a dead and mutilated Tor Mastak agent.

The group was soon attacked by fire and earth elementals. They were easily defeated but with dangerous consequences as the fire elemental started a large and dangerous fire. While the rangers struggled to stamp out the fire, J’Rothe scouted ahead checking out an area near a discovered and disarmed trap. He pursued a fleeing figure only to be ambushed by ratzin scouts. With the help of Dagan Thunderstone and Slissk the defeated the scouts. While Dasyra fended of the attack of a massive gargoyle, despite the rangers driving off their enemies the fire was now burning out of control.

Dasyra reached out to the Ascended Illiana to stop the fire to save the corrupted lands. However it was not Illiana who answered. What Dasyra discovered later was that the island was under the protection of Ceynara and she heard Dasyra heard plea and was offended by it. The goddess of chaos sent a violent and dangerous storm to drive the rangers to her temple where her servants were waiting.

Withing the walls of the underground temple was Ann Melain, injured and strapped into a Jozwiak device. The magical device designed to destroy her body and leave only her soul behind. Guarding her was the minotaur war priest, Von Danda, his two minotaur bodyguards, the gargoyle and a thratchen. The bloody battle ensued. The rangers managed to disable the device but the force of it started to bring the temple down around their ears. The war priest and the gargoyle escaped in the chaos and the rangers barely made it out with Ann Melain.

Upon reaching safety the rangers rested and went about the business of healing themselves and Ann Melain. Upon doing so a mysterious light rose from her body and solidified on the ground. The glowing sphere contained a spinning multicolored geometrical patterned that mystified the rangers. Upon reaching their headquarters they sent a raven to an old friend of Dagan Thunderstone named Olin Gogswell, a scholar and mystic. He returned a message a few days later that he would be in Brerell in a couple days and to bring the object to him to examine.

The Battle of Faulville
Session 4

As dawn approached the rangers made their way through the forest to face the cult of the Viceroy. While Dagan Thunderstone, Kath and J’Rothe approached the dealt with the sentries. The druid Dasyra Terantha, Slissk and Grizzback Grindtongue disguised themselves as cultists and dragged a cart to their walled encampment. After the sentries had been silenced, Kath took to the air in preparation for the first strike. Before the rangers could act the gates opened and some of the cultists and their zombie soldiers made their way out of the gate, acknowledging the disguised rangers before heading down the trail.

Slissk led the cart into position to block the closing of the walls then Kath went into action. Swooping down with one of the goblin’s explosive potions he bombed the command tent sending the evil occultists into chaos. The rangers moved in and soon proved their superiority over their enemy. From the burning tent emerged a brenchi acolyte and his two necromancer lieutenants. Kath swooped down and battled the acolyte. The rangers moved in and against the necromancers as well. In the end the Kath took the acolytes head and broke the occultists forces. The encampment had fallen and the rangers had won the day. In the process of wrapping up the battle they discovered that the Tor Mastak agents were nowhere to be found.

Later in the day the rangers headed back to Round Bend, to check on Ann Melain. Upon their arrival they found the constable injured and Ann Melain in the hands of the Tor Mastak.

Briar Patch
Session 3

J’roth was greeted at the village of Faullville by a beaten peasant boy. He told him that men with scary faces had seized control of the village and surrounded it with zombies. They had a warning for the rangers. “Stay out of it.”
J’roth scouted the village and determined there was significant hordes of undead surrounding the village. He waited down the road for the rest of the rangers and worked on a plan to retake the village.
Slissk and Grizzback escorted Ann Melain back to Round Bend. After making sure she would be looked after they met up with a trio of rangers. Dagan Thunderstone, dwarven warrior, Kath the Aveakar archer and the druid priestess (GM Note, it’s possible I was given a name, it’s my error, apologies.) After brief introductions the rangers made haste to meet up with J’Roth.
Upon their arrival they met with the peasant boy again who told the rangers the scary men were gone. Fearing a trap the group cautiously made way into the ramshackle village. They met with village elder, Edgar. The men were forcing the village to give up their stores and provisions or they would release the zombies to raze the village. The rangers agreed to defend the village and to take on the supply drop.
The druid priest cast a powerful spell surrounding the village with a briar patch, tall and thick. From there the rest of the rangers headed up the trail hidden or in disguise. They managed to get the drop on them three men and an ogre, saving the supplies for the villages. There victory celebration was short lived as they knew the zombies were still an immediate danger to the village.
The briar patch held. The zombies shuffled from the treeline in a mad attempt to consume the flesh of the villagers. Only to find themselves hung up in the thicket unable to escape it. The rangers made easy work of the horde impressing the villagers.
Later the rangers discovered the men who painted skulls on their faces were cultists in service of a demon named “The Viceroy”.
Kath scouted the area and saw lights in the distance. He found were the cult was hiding and their numbers were significant. Though severely outnumbered the rangers decided to prepare for a dawn attack.

The Fall of Split Rock
Session 2

The rangers rescued the girl, named Ann Melain. She explained to the rangers she had escaped her master and was on the run. With some prodding the rangers discover her master was a member of the Kal-A-Nar Empire and the mysterious figures were members of the Tor Mastak.

The group returned briefly to Round Bend then got on the road to Split Rock. A fishing village of good size that Ann Melain was desperate to reach. It was her hometown and her father was still there. She made it clear to the rangers that more than anything else she had to reach her father. While camping the night before the rangers made a gruesome discovery.

Two dead bodies hidden in a pond. They were farmers and seemed to had been used in a dark ritual. The rangers grew concerned over the fate of Split Rock and what lay ahead of them. As day broke they could smell smoke and set off to the farms that surrounded the farms only to discover more death.

Farms, their live stock and occupants had been burned and murdered. It was a gruesome and gut wrenching scene. J’roth scouted ahead to Split Rock while the others remained behind with Ann.

The good people of Split Rock had been turned into zombies and were hunting for flesh. J’roth was surrounded and alone but with a bit of luck and quick thinking he managed to lead the horde of undead out of town. Along the way he discovered a man with a skull painted over his face with a strange medallion. After a brief encounter, J’roth snuck away from the horde the danger temporarily abated.

With the horde of undead moving towards the town of Faulleville and the mystery of the arcane medal the rangers split up. J’roth headed towards Faulleville to warn the others while the rangers headed toward Round Bend to secure Ann Melain and get help.

The adventure begins
Session 1

The Gray Rangers have sent a new group of rangers to “The Corners” in the Wildlands. They are Slissk, the Dregordian Adept, Grizzback Grindtongue a goblin alchemist and J’Roth a Brenchi rogue. They met with a well known ranger Hyena to get settled then set off to patrol their new home.
The first stop was Round Bend the nearest village. After meeting with Constable Wence and getting familiar with the village they were visited by a strange woman. At first she seemed disturbed as she directed the rangers to a nearby forest. Claiming that she heard noises behind her house she directed the rangers the scene.
Following the strong musty smell of hobgoblins and signs of them moving through the underbrush. The rangers followed it through the afternoon till they were drawn to nearby temple ruins by a woman’s screams.
The rangers battled a group of hobgoblins and a mysterious figures. Using daring, magic and guile the rangers defeated the hobgoblins and drove off the mysterious figures. Lying among the ruins was an unconscious among the ruins.


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