Rangers of the Maelstorm

The Speckled Pig Murder
Session 15

The rangers celebration over the were lions of Plague Hill was short lived as the world faded around them. As the whiteness consumed them they expected to see the ship or Mr. Jingles but instead found themselves inside of an office. They no longer wore military uniforms but street clothes bearing the insignia of “Ivory Knights”.

They were greeted by an attorney named Brie Bonn. She was expecting the rangers and she informed them they had been hired to help with the investigation of a murder. The victim was an elven noble named Zurin Wa and his murderer, Shin was sentenced to hang at dawn the next day. Brie was concerned because Shin mounted no defense. The group began to dig into the event.

They went and spoke with Shin, a day laborer with no family and very little history. He said very little, only that the elve made a choice. The group was also able to determine that Shin was not under any mystical influence.

From there the group split up checking out the bar where the murder took place and Shin’s home. Clues were found in both places; at “The Speckled Pig” the rangers found bloody shirt and the murder weapon and at Shin’s small apartment they found the hidden remnants of a burned message. They managed to restore it but without the key they couldn’t break the code.

While at the apartment they were confronted by a women who was being mystically controlled, she warned the rangers. “The knife was at their throat and they would be destroyed”

The group worked on the burned message and the hunt for clues until the last moment. The judge didn’t agree with the group that there was enough to stay the execution and Shin maintained his emotionless demeanor. Shin’s last words were “Long live the King” as he hung until he was dead.

Plague Hill
Session 14

Mr. Jingles, the group’s guide, summons them together to give them their next mission. The rangers are going to the Triumvirate home world. They are tasked with assisting a soldier, Corporal Denny Denim with completing his mission. Mr. Jingles was unable to give any additional details on the mission causing some consternation among members of the group.

The group arrived after the Battle of Burning Hill. Piles of burning corpses littered were all around them . They battlefield still had wrecked tanks and vehicles laying where they fell. Mr. Jingles explained that this was one of the final battles in a great war in which the side of righteousness would prevail. Using their telesmas to guide them the rangers made their way to a nearby forest to discover corporal Denim burying his fallen comrades.

Denim’s mission was simple; to kill the Baron of Plague Hill. His unit was supposed to get to him during the main battle but the Baron and his pride of were-lions fled the battlefield. Denim said that special weapons were needed, gold weapons to kill the baron. The shipment carrying the gold weapons was attacked and never arrived.

J’Rothe collected the gold coins they had from Shaintar and melted them down. From that he managed to coat one dagger in gold. They managed to track down the wreckage of the plane carrying their weapons, a pair of golden swords. The group then headed to Plague Hill where the baron lived.

The baron used lions as guards in the fields surrounding the simple walled camp. Kath flew over the camp and spotted the lions but the camp appeared abandoned. The group split up and while the lions guarding the base were distracted the rest investigated the camp. The baron and his bodyguards sprung their trap.

The rangers using grenades, magic and a pair of golden swords fought the baron and won the day. Allowing Denim to complete his mission.

Queen's Gambit
Session 13

The heroes, now aboard a vessel traveling the maelstrom, has been preparing for their new mission. Their mysterious contact with the Triumvirate, Mr. Jingles has been making arrangements for training, equipment and in Dagon Thunderstone, augmentation. Kath was not there, as Mr. Jingles advised them that times may dictate service of the hero would be required elsewhere.

The group received a distress call from the Queen of Vrost, Kaross. Her castle is under attack and they are in desperate need of assistance. Despite J’Rothe’s protests to travel to the ice world the group soldiers on. Upon arriving at the ice castle they meet with Captain Whisper of the Queens guard who with some trepidation escorts the heroes to the queen.

The queen tells the rangers of King Myros and his death machine that is attacking her defenses. She desperately wants to negotiate but all efforts have been for naught. She requests that the heroes be merciful. The heroes agree but have doubts. As they prepare they are attacked.

Brutes in the service of Set attack the throne room. Mr. Jingles had warned them of Set Slaver’s seen nearby, so the group had an idea they would appear. Armed and armored the battle began with Dagan and J’Rothe cutting a swath through the Brutes while Dasyra used her magic to occupy and annihilate. As the battle ended they found that Captain Whisper had been beheaded by the thratchen, Kaliban. He winked at J’Rothe and teleported away. There was little time for grief and rage as King Myros’s death machine rocked the castle.

The heroes took on the giant mechanical boar with full power. Using magic and whitesilver to try and fell it. J’Rothe scaled the side while Dagan managed to cripple it. Stealthfully getting inside J’Rothe managed to knock out the driver, King Myros himself.

Once under control the Queen with the assistance of the rangers were able to reason with King Myros. He was grief stricken over the loss of his son and didn’t know his death was an accident. He swore never to return to Vrost. He returned home without incident and the death machine was destroyed. With the thanks for Queen Kaross the rangers returned to the Maelstrom.

Future, destiny and shadows
Session 12

The rangers, rested from their battle with Lady Marlow travelled to the Ironback Keep. Kath took flight scouting the stone fortress as the group traveled the earthen road between the two lakes. The hall was quiet, no obvious signs of life. Though the gate was barred it took little effort for Kath to open it and the group make its way inside.

It was obvious that Lady Marlow did little to keep up appearances or maintain the dignity the keep once held. There were no servants or assistants to be found. The managed to locate a room full of corpses in varying states of decay. A undignified resting place for the victims of the vampire mistress who ruled the keep. They found Lady Marlow’s bedchamber and her coffin. Not far from there a vault room.

Dasyra and Kath explored a small library and a neglected greenhouse near the back of the keep. They soon discovered a book of primal druidism. The book held secret transmutation spells that would allow the group to collect the final ingredients to return home to their own time, the roots of a black rose.

Dagan and J’Rothe explored the vault. Finding treasure and art it seemed that what remained of the Marlow Clan fortune was locked here. They also found a pair of whitesilver long swords which here the highlight for the two warriors.

As Dasyra prepared for the primal incantation she was confronted by a familiar face. It was Dagan Thunderstone, but his was old and beaten down. He struggled along with a wooden leg, his eyes full of rage as he lashed out at her. He claimed that she was responsible for the rangers destruction and that she sided with the evil Ascended mistress Ceynara. Current Dasyra wouldn’t believe it and was prepared to end her own life to prevent her from killing her friends and turning evil .Flanked was a older, disfigured Kath who kept him covered with his bow. Dasyra kept Dagon distracted and talking while Kath animated a pair of shears and sent them to retrieve the current Dagan and J’Rothe.

J’Rothe managed to disable future Kath’s bow and tried to calm the situation. Dagan too gave their future selves a chance to stand down. A woman cloaked in the symbols of Ceynara and covered in magical fire called out to the group, causing old Dagan to panic. It was future evil Dasyra the Black along with her thratchen guard Kaliban. The battle begun.

Future Dagan went for current Dasyra with his ax while everyone else went after Dasyra the Black and the Thratchen. With a combination of magic, magical hammers and will the group defeated evil Dasyra and drove of the thratchen. The future counterparts remained fighting till their last breath.

After the battle the group was eager to return home. As they cast the spell it was interrupted by a mysterious figure. He informed the rangers that they have come to the attention of the Triumvirate who is in need of champions. The group was hesitant, unwilling to fail their task. The mysterious figure assured the adventures that they could never restore Ann Melain’s destiny because it was never hers, it was Dasyra. Mystical talisman’s known as telesma had bonded to them and bound them together. He explained that there was a multitude of worlds in desperate need of heros. The rangers decided to follow the mysterious figure into the white light and to the next adventure.

The Battle of Iron and Bone
Session 11

Seven thousand years in the past, standing in an abandoned prison, surrounded by a hundred skeletal warriors the rangers faced a fearsome opponent. Lady Marlow Ironback sat astride her manticore and demanded the Shannis Stone from them. The rangers knew no mercy would come if they surrendered and defied her in threats. The battle begun.

Lady Ironback took flight and was joined by a retinue of half-man, half bat body guards. The rangers took on the army of skeletons. The battle was fierce and bloody. Anna, another lost warrior from another dimension heard a crackle and a familiar voice in her ear. Her friends had found her, the calvary was coming. From the cloud cover appeared a flying knight in mirror armor and another who with Anna’s help took on the skeletons. Freeing up the rangers to face Lady Ironback and her personal guard.

The battle was bloody and long. The rangers took their lumps and were looking as if they weren’t going to pull it off but Kath’s new found abilities and the resolve of Dagan, Dasyra and J’Rothe managed to defeat the guards and knock Ironback from her mount, revealing her vampire nature to the group.

Knowing that the vampire was another step towards home the worked in unison to bring her down and win the day. After the battle Kath revealed that Zavonis had reached down and blessed him with new abilities. Uncertain to what that meant it gave the ranger’s assurance they were on the right path.

Anna and her friends Samara and Zeke had found a way home. They could return to their world but could not aid the rangers in returning to the future. The parting was bitter sweet as Anna had come to be one of them. Ann and her friends disappeared into a portal of white light. The rangers tired and beat up decided to head up to Ironback Keep in search of the last ingredient, the roots of a black rose.

The Hunt
Session 10

Still stuck seven thousand years from home and carrying the magical stone, they needed to find hair from a lion’s main and ashes from a vanquished vampire. After thwarting the attempted assassination of the king and queen of the Southern Seas the rangers spend some time on lock down. While not a suspect they are kept under guard for a week while the king’s guard investigates. Eventually they find that the Carrion Clan, an established enemy of the king is responsible and war plans begin to form.

Meanwhile the Seer has been working on the rangers dilemma. Using his influence, along with the king and queen they strike a deal. The Whitecapp clan has several prides of lions on their home island of Korindia and with some reluctance they allow the group to hunt them for their spell component.

The rangers travel with the Whitecapp clan dignitaries back to Korindia and are treated as honored guests by the state. The group was concerned over the isolation being forced on them but as their security detail explained, they are under the protection of the king who just had an attempt on his life. They were taking no chances.

The valley was high in the mountains away from any cities. It was only accessible by rappelling down a cliff. The guide Bram, explained to the rangers that valley was seen as sacred to many. Their was a village but they were uncivilized and should avoid them. They were allowed to hunt one male lion and that was all. The rangers agreed and headed through the clouds and into the heavily forested valley.

The forest was teaming with life, wild flowers, tall trees, birds and apes. Travel was easy and things were going well. Despite some thieving baboons, everything went smoothly. The second day in they arrived a a river and while searching for a place to cross they discovered some ruins. Bram discouraged their exploration, seemingly upset by the discovery. Kath, Dagon and Anna insisted they give them a look.

The river had claimed part of the ruins. Though at one time this was some sort of bunker. Inside they discovered words etched into the stone they didn’t understand. Bram translated it “Beware the whispers of the quiet dark”. Bram only grew more nervous as the group arrived in a open, plains are of the valley, They camped for the night and clouds rolled in over them obscuring the stars and moonlight.

The attack came in the middle of the night, the watch was able to see the fire on the horizon. A pair of wraiths riding nightmares swooped in and attacked the group. They fought valiantly, protecting a terrified Bram. Quickly the rangers realized they didn’t have the Everwood or White Silver weapons to destroy the group. Quick thinking a eagle eyed, Kath spotted a grove of Everwood tries and took flight towards them. A couple of branches and their fighting skills allowed the rangers to win the day but left them with more questions.

Anna and Kath scouted the area, with Anna going out further and finding the village. It was small, in disrepair. To her it was obvious that it was abandoned. Upon returning to the group she said nothing. The group continued to search for lions only to find old tracks. These lead them to the forest. While exploring the area they made discovered something unsettling. The world was eerily silent, no bugs or birds or wildlife in the area. Bram was growing more and more disturbed. They found a gully full of bones and rats.

Anna and Kath spilled the beans on the village. Bram was upset but the group decided to head their. Hoping to find answers they arrived at the abandoned village at night fall. Dagan wanted to wait till daybreak to search but Anna mocked the rangers as superstitious and went in, torch in hand. The rangers reluctantly followed.

It wasn’t long before the village spilled it’s secrets. Beneath the buildings were dungeons with warded locks. The cell walls were covered in graffiti celebrating the Quiet Dark. They also found ledgers and journals about who was there and numerical notes. The village was a prison for the cult of “The Quiet Dark”, a group that believed in a far off monster that would destroy the world. The cult members were initially put to death but they wouldn’t stay that way so they were brought here under the protection of the Ironback clan. Bram panicked, wanting to flee. The group wanted what they came for though Dasyra swore an oath to protect him.

As the exited they found they were surrounded by a hundred skeletons animated with purple fire. They stood silent watching the rangers. Within moments from the cloud cover flew a monstrous creature that’s landing shook the ground. At top the black manticore their was a rider. She wore black iron plate with a large banner bolted to her back. She pointed her warhammer at the rangers and shouted.

“I am Lady Marlow Ironback, paladin of the Quiet Dark. I demand the stone!”

Kingdom of the Southern Seas
Session 9

The rangers found themselves still seven thousand years in the past, beached and struggling to decide where to go next. The sky was red in the direction of the Empire of the Sun and the creatures of the oasis where restless. From the sea came a large ship flying a mysterious banner. The group was wary especially given their previous attackers came by sea.

Representatives from the ship came to group on flying skiffs. The said they were with of the king and queen of the Southern Seas. Their coming was foreseen and were offered safe haven at The Twins. After some debate the group decided to go along.

The met Captain Bo’Gren who was in charge of a motley crew of men, goblins and hobgoblins. Though the crew was in good spirits and partied most of the cruise back home. They educated the rangers on the Southern Seas Kingdom. The king and queen were of the Luska Clan which Bo’Gren belonged to. The other clans were Siren Clan, Whitecap Clan, Stormrider Clan and the Carrion Clan.

The king and queen held court at a pair of mountains that rose from the sea. Between them was an enormous city ship that was tethered to the mountains with massive chains. The mountain sides had battlements and fortresses along the side. while fleets of ships surrounded the island. The rangers agreed they had never heard any tales of this kingdom.

King William and Queen Bonney, twin brother and sister, greeted the rangers with open arms. They seemed overjoyed and very accommodating to the group. They advised them that their arrival was foretold by the Seer. The ancient mystic was like a father to them and was very powerful. The rangers met with the Seer.

The Seer knew of their plight. Explaining the the illusion that prevented the true appearance of the rangers was fading and that powerful forces were tearing at them from across time. The quicker they made it home the better for all. The Seer was able to assist them with gaining some of the components on their spell list. The rangers felt nervous and untrusting of the Seer.

The king and queen held a large banquet in the rangers honor. Dignitaries of the Sea Clans were there though none seemed interested in the group. Long after the party ended the group was given quarters near the royal suites. That turned out to be fortunatus as the king and queen were attacked in the night.

Assassins from a group known as “The Last Children of the Grave” attacked. The rangers put themselves between the assassins. J’Rothe was a whirling dervish of blades as he cut through more than a few while a sleepy Dagon took down several himself.

The king and queen were gratuitous but concerned as they held the clan dignitaries for questioning, increasing the rangers sense of urgency that a return home couldn’t wait.

The End is the beginning
Session 8

This week recap courtesy of Gayle
Time keeps on Slippin, slippin, slippin…
into the Future. (this is the song running through my head as our GM kept kicking our ass tonight).

So we left Ur Tamal in possession of the Codex of Planar Rituals (yay) but the two phials of components for our ritual of return to our own time broke when the djinn cause a whirlwind underground to throw me across the floor and land on my back.

As we left the city, Dasyra opened her pack and realized that the ingredients were smashed to bits. Once she stopped swearing by the light of the Ascended’s eyes, and the beard of Dranak, she pawed through her pack and sighed in relief as she found the parchment with the list of items required to return us to our time.

We debated trying to prevent the occurrence of the end of the Empire of the Sun but chose to not interfere in what we know has already happened and run towards the sea as the easiest ingredient of the 7 is seawater.

The 7 components are: Seawater, Brimstone, Hair from a Lions mane, roots from a black rose, En’s Elixer (easy to make), human bone ground to powder and Dust from a Vanquished Vampire (the most difficult component) of them all.

As we fled through the jungle to the south, we worried about avoiding the calamity about to happen and about whether we could find all we needed. Finally, we came to a small meadow filled with flowers of every color imaginable. J’rothe, Dagan and Dasyra were enchanted but Kath felt something amiss. He realized that the ground was too smooth under the flowers and used his skylance to poke at it. Suddenly two hideous beasts that looked like a cross between a praying mantis and a spider the size of elephants surged from the ground.

His caution ensured our lack of surprise, but Daysara was revolted by the webbed cavities upon their underbellies. The other three made to arms and began to fight the beasts as they chittered and clacked their claws at the group. Daysara tried to attack but her staff whooshed through the air ineffectively, then Kath smote the two horned one through the thorax. As it was dying, everyone heard noises from the webbed sack at its belly. J’rothe swung his Losska and split the sack open disgorging 4 young and killing one of them. The 3 remaining attacked he and the druid. The 3 horned one attacked Kath and Dagan but they easily countered its blows and Dagan swung his axe from the ground through to its head and felled it with one mighty blow. From it’s webbed over area, a dessicated human disgorged and these strange almost vines released it.

It took 20 seconds, as the group looked on in horror, for the human to recover from what we all thought was certain death. The druid took the precaution of encasing her in vines as she sat up. She opened her eyes and Kath put the tip of his lance to her chest. The looked sideways at us and said “Now why would you threaten me? Put that thing up.” We chose not to. Dasyra spoke to the woman “Who are you and how did you come to be a part of that beast?”. The woman replied “I’m Anna and I was unconscious when it found me or it never would have gotten me”.

She tried to get up and Kath tapped his lance against her. She smiled at him and said “Now, aren’t we finished trying to intimidate each other”. Another of us asked her where she was from and she answered cagily and casually broke the vines holding her in place. We invited her to join us and continued to question her as she walked with us. Her clothes were strange, close fitting and with decorations at each shoulder. Upon one was a strange flag with great detail featuring 13 red and white stripes and a field of stars at the upper left and on the other was a golden man holding a banner. We asked her where she came from and she said Deesee and returned the question. We told her we were based out of Berell and she muttered “I’m stuck here!”. We agreed we were all stuck here too and revealed we came from the future. After agreeing to help each other, we finally came to the river and Kath (after seeing her fly) took to the air and mentioned a strange almost magical shimmer on the water and two pillars with runes upon them.

And a boat… We spent some time studying the runes and feeling as if the boat were a trap – given they all seemed to deal with time, yet needed to use the water to travel faster and flee the star we felt strongly was going to impact the oasis of Ur Tamal soon. Anna (the newest member of our group) must not fear magic as she strode calmly upon the boat. After she was not smote by any magics, the rest of us went up the plank and boarded. We untied the boat and began to pole downriver. That night, we pulled ashore and after catching some fish, made a small campfire and made a tasty meal. Anna lounged about, eating from provisions within the boat – yet the others were still uncomfortable. Dagan and J’rothe cleaned Ichor and other stuff from their armor and weapons and Kath attempted to charm Anna. Dasyra cleaned her shoes and tried to empty her mind from the terror of the insect things.

During 3rd watch a huge sound came from the direction of Ur Tamal and we all ran for the boat – and we learned two things. Anna can fly faster than any we’ve ever seen and she can lift/carry a boat containing the rest of the group. Kath attempted to help push the boat but realized he could not keep up. The heat was so intense that J’Rothe nearly lost consciousness and Anna’s shoes began to smoke. She found reserves from somewhere and flung the boat into the sea as the soundwave, and then the heatwave washed over everyone. The forest was on fire and many animals and beasts burst out onto the beach and ran into the water to avoid being burnt to a crisp.

At this time a ship hove into view and made towards our own. Kath flew towards them and the tall man who was in charge, yelled out, “I am Skel and in Ceynara’s name, give us the stone”. Dagan replied with an arrow and the fight was on as Skel ordered his crew to fire upon us. They threw bottles with flaming wicks at our poor boat and J’rothe prooved how agile he is by catching the first two and lobbing them back at the attackers. Skel and 4 or 6 of his minions leaped the gap betwixt the ships and as he threw off his cloak, we saw he had 4 arms each holding a sword or axe. Thankfully the others had only the normal 2 arms each.

The huge 4 armed man attacked our able Dagan and did not get through his armor. Dagan hit and rocked him back upon his heels. The minions left in the larger ship shot arrows at Anna and Kath, who was trying to throw a blasting potion upon their deck. He dodged but that caused his aim to be off and the potion glugged as it went beneath the waves. The bottles thrown back to the ship by J’Rothe had already started a nice little fire and a few of the men started fighting the flames – yet others took aim on Kath. Anna flew in and tried to punch a hole in the opposing ship, cracking a few timbers but not getting through.

Two minions attacked J’Rothe on the smaller boat and 2 faced off against Dasyra. J’Rothe was a blur of speed as he dispatched his two and they had barely the time to attempt to block much less swing at him. Dasyra dodged the blows aimed at her and watched as Kath was hit 3 times by arrows and Anna twice. Dasyra bellowed to Kath to come to her as he lurched in midair and closed her eyes in preparation for healing. He managed to right himself and shake off his wounds for a moment to glide to the deck. Anna flew into the ocean and burst out swiping a hole near the waterline of the ship.

Skell swung at Dagan another 4 times and hit him twice and blood began to flow as wounds opened under his armor. J’Rothe switched his attention to the 4 armed man and attempted to land a blow upon him. Kath landed and Dasyra felt a rush of power as she laid her hands upon his wounds. In the blink of an eye all his wounds closed and she opened eyes sparking with blue electric power – and got hit by the two minions she’d completely forgotten. They easily passed her defences and she took 4 wounds and staggered in pain before she controlled herself. Dagan swung his axe in a mighty arc just to have it glance off the armor of his foe but that caused an opening J’Rothe couldn’t resist as he decapitated Skel.

At the same time Dasyra called upon Illiana, whose domain she stood upon. “Illiana, Wave-rider hear my plea. These spawn of Ceynara would use YOUR domain to acheive their wretched goal. Deny them and wipe their ship from existence”, she cried. From yards away, the ocean rose up and a kracken’s tentacles wrapped around the ship, pulling it, along with the screaming passengers below the water. The final two minions were dispatched by Kath as he stood between them and Dasyra so she could work her magic. As the waves calmed, and the magic subsided, she walked to the edge of the ship and dipped a small vial into the water. One component down, six to go.

Handle with Care
Session 7

Olin Gogswell prepared the spell to send the rangers back in time. He intended to send them back to Ur Tamal, home of the Golden Library. There they would have to locate the Codex of Planar Ritual then cast the spell to bring them home. With some concerns the group traveled back through time. They were assured that the spell would conceal their appearance.
The group arrived in a alley way in Ur Tamal in the middle of a night when the 3 moons were full. In the southeastern sky was a unusually large star. They explored the city until they found a large tower surrounded by a massive tent city.
The people were praising Uri the God, Emperor. The current emperor of the Empire of the Sun had declared himself a god and was preparing for his ascension. The rangers grew concerned and began to formulate a plan to get into the tower.
While debating a course of action they came across two men bullying a small lame man. The rangers came to the rescue. Ali was very thankful and offered to help the players on the condition that there was no killing and he was allowed to take gold back to his family. The rangers agreed.
Ali lead the group through extensive construction tunnels and then eventually into the tower. The managed to sneak and maul their way to the vault. Inside was a fantastic treasure and a second sealed vault. Dasyra sensed something a miss and determined that Ali was magical, the group was alerted but Ali loosed his captive djinn and attacked the rangers.
The battle was on as the group seized Ali and while the wizard used every trick to over come them they managed to take him down. The djinn who had turned the chamber into a golden tornado was free from his master’s control and was ready to destroy the rangers. Kath charged with his lance and ran the monster through, a blow that would have fell any other living thing but the djinn shrugged it off, seemingly invulnerable to the weapon. The rangers seemed to be at the end of their story when an enraged efreet, sensing the djinn, stormed in to slay his mortal enemy.
Seizing the opportunity the rangers broke into the second vault. Inside was the codex, which they took and escaped. They made their way out of the city and into the surrounding jungle that encompassed the oasis. As they prepared for the journey home they discovered that the ingredients critical for their return home were destroyed. The now had to find the spell ingredients to send them home.

Berell and beyond
Session 6

Upon arriving in Berell, the well populated and medium sized city on the shores of Lok-Vas, they are greeted by Captain Teagan Liteleaf. He is in charge of the Gray Rangers in Berell and is happy to have the group there. He informs them of their growing reputation, directs them to Olin Gogswell’s library and offers them places to stay in the barracks.

The ranger meet with Olin who is happy to help. He examines the crystal sphere that contains a multi- colored ever changing geometric design. It’s clear that Olin takes his work seriously and begins his research with the assistance of Dasyra the druid. The others make their way to a nearby tavern, “The Wiley Goat” to pass the time, drinking, gambling and the like.

The next day an exhausted Olin explains that the rangers have a “Shanais’s Stone”. The stone is a moment of time, the destiny of Ann Melain. Alakar mystics claim that they are links in the chain of time and space and possess a dangerous amount of power. He warned that the stone is a lighthouse to every power hungry, evil thing out there. It had to be hidden. The stone can’t be destroyed or put back into Ann Melain. While the rangers debated what to do next they received a message.

A ranger had been brutally killed as a message to the rangers… “Warlord H’Eden Rauk demands the destiny or he will raise the city of Berell and slaughter the people. The runner will arrive at midnight.” Disturbed and unsure of the identity of the warlord the Gray Rangers and the town guard set defenses. When the runner arrived at midnight, the rangers declined to surrender the stone and Kath, the Aveakar killed him with an arrow through his third eye. Much to the dismay of the group the die was cast.

Near dawn the docks of Berell were attacked by a kraken like beast. The guard headed over to defended and were ambushed from the sewers by ratzkin and minotaur forces. Meanwhile a large hydra rampaged into town, chaos reigned. A pitched battle raged on two fronts as the rangers took on the monsters with courage and steel. Kath managed to rally the rangers on the docks and drive off the kraken. Dagan Thunderstone, J’Rothe and Dasyra defeated the hydra and saved some locals from a burning building only to be waylaid by a thratchen.

The goat-faced monster managed to steal the stone from Dasyra and escape. J’Rothe was in pursuit and managed to corner and get the stone from the thratchen and set the wounded beast into the shadow without its prize. Dagan however was not done with the Thratchen and ran it down and split it in two with his axe.

As the dust settled Olin advised the rangers that he had found the means to lock the stone away and keep it safe. However the book that held the secrets was long since lost to the sands of time. The only solution was to send the rangers back in time to the Empire of the Sun and retrieve it.


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