Rangers of the Maelstorm

Kingdom of the Southern Seas

Session 9

The rangers found themselves still seven thousand years in the past, beached and struggling to decide where to go next. The sky was red in the direction of the Empire of the Sun and the creatures of the oasis where restless. From the sea came a large ship flying a mysterious banner. The group was wary especially given their previous attackers came by sea.

Representatives from the ship came to group on flying skiffs. The said they were with of the king and queen of the Southern Seas. Their coming was foreseen and were offered safe haven at The Twins. After some debate the group decided to go along.

The met Captain Bo’Gren who was in charge of a motley crew of men, goblins and hobgoblins. Though the crew was in good spirits and partied most of the cruise back home. They educated the rangers on the Southern Seas Kingdom. The king and queen were of the Luska Clan which Bo’Gren belonged to. The other clans were Siren Clan, Whitecap Clan, Stormrider Clan and the Carrion Clan.

The king and queen held court at a pair of mountains that rose from the sea. Between them was an enormous city ship that was tethered to the mountains with massive chains. The mountain sides had battlements and fortresses along the side. while fleets of ships surrounded the island. The rangers agreed they had never heard any tales of this kingdom.

King William and Queen Bonney, twin brother and sister, greeted the rangers with open arms. They seemed overjoyed and very accommodating to the group. They advised them that their arrival was foretold by the Seer. The ancient mystic was like a father to them and was very powerful. The rangers met with the Seer.

The Seer knew of their plight. Explaining the the illusion that prevented the true appearance of the rangers was fading and that powerful forces were tearing at them from across time. The quicker they made it home the better for all. The Seer was able to assist them with gaining some of the components on their spell list. The rangers felt nervous and untrusting of the Seer.

The king and queen held a large banquet in the rangers honor. Dignitaries of the Sea Clans were there though none seemed interested in the group. Long after the party ended the group was given quarters near the royal suites. That turned out to be fortunatus as the king and queen were attacked in the night.

Assassins from a group known as “The Last Children of the Grave” attacked. The rangers put themselves between the assassins. J’Rothe was a whirling dervish of blades as he cut through more than a few while a sleepy Dagon took down several himself.

The king and queen were gratuitous but concerned as they held the clan dignitaries for questioning, increasing the rangers sense of urgency that a return home couldn’t wait.



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