Rangers of the Maelstorm

The End is the beginning

Session 8

This week recap courtesy of Gayle
Time keeps on Slippin, slippin, slippin…
into the Future. (this is the song running through my head as our GM kept kicking our ass tonight).

So we left Ur Tamal in possession of the Codex of Planar Rituals (yay) but the two phials of components for our ritual of return to our own time broke when the djinn cause a whirlwind underground to throw me across the floor and land on my back.

As we left the city, Dasyra opened her pack and realized that the ingredients were smashed to bits. Once she stopped swearing by the light of the Ascended’s eyes, and the beard of Dranak, she pawed through her pack and sighed in relief as she found the parchment with the list of items required to return us to our time.

We debated trying to prevent the occurrence of the end of the Empire of the Sun but chose to not interfere in what we know has already happened and run towards the sea as the easiest ingredient of the 7 is seawater.

The 7 components are: Seawater, Brimstone, Hair from a Lions mane, roots from a black rose, En’s Elixer (easy to make), human bone ground to powder and Dust from a Vanquished Vampire (the most difficult component) of them all.

As we fled through the jungle to the south, we worried about avoiding the calamity about to happen and about whether we could find all we needed. Finally, we came to a small meadow filled with flowers of every color imaginable. J’rothe, Dagan and Dasyra were enchanted but Kath felt something amiss. He realized that the ground was too smooth under the flowers and used his skylance to poke at it. Suddenly two hideous beasts that looked like a cross between a praying mantis and a spider the size of elephants surged from the ground.

His caution ensured our lack of surprise, but Daysara was revolted by the webbed cavities upon their underbellies. The other three made to arms and began to fight the beasts as they chittered and clacked their claws at the group. Daysara tried to attack but her staff whooshed through the air ineffectively, then Kath smote the two horned one through the thorax. As it was dying, everyone heard noises from the webbed sack at its belly. J’rothe swung his Losska and split the sack open disgorging 4 young and killing one of them. The 3 remaining attacked he and the druid. The 3 horned one attacked Kath and Dagan but they easily countered its blows and Dagan swung his axe from the ground through to its head and felled it with one mighty blow. From it’s webbed over area, a dessicated human disgorged and these strange almost vines released it.

It took 20 seconds, as the group looked on in horror, for the human to recover from what we all thought was certain death. The druid took the precaution of encasing her in vines as she sat up. She opened her eyes and Kath put the tip of his lance to her chest. The looked sideways at us and said “Now why would you threaten me? Put that thing up.” We chose not to. Dasyra spoke to the woman “Who are you and how did you come to be a part of that beast?”. The woman replied “I’m Anna and I was unconscious when it found me or it never would have gotten me”.

She tried to get up and Kath tapped his lance against her. She smiled at him and said “Now, aren’t we finished trying to intimidate each other”. Another of us asked her where she was from and she answered cagily and casually broke the vines holding her in place. We invited her to join us and continued to question her as she walked with us. Her clothes were strange, close fitting and with decorations at each shoulder. Upon one was a strange flag with great detail featuring 13 red and white stripes and a field of stars at the upper left and on the other was a golden man holding a banner. We asked her where she came from and she said Deesee and returned the question. We told her we were based out of Berell and she muttered “I’m stuck here!”. We agreed we were all stuck here too and revealed we came from the future. After agreeing to help each other, we finally came to the river and Kath (after seeing her fly) took to the air and mentioned a strange almost magical shimmer on the water and two pillars with runes upon them.

And a boat… We spent some time studying the runes and feeling as if the boat were a trap – given they all seemed to deal with time, yet needed to use the water to travel faster and flee the star we felt strongly was going to impact the oasis of Ur Tamal soon. Anna (the newest member of our group) must not fear magic as she strode calmly upon the boat. After she was not smote by any magics, the rest of us went up the plank and boarded. We untied the boat and began to pole downriver. That night, we pulled ashore and after catching some fish, made a small campfire and made a tasty meal. Anna lounged about, eating from provisions within the boat – yet the others were still uncomfortable. Dagan and J’rothe cleaned Ichor and other stuff from their armor and weapons and Kath attempted to charm Anna. Dasyra cleaned her shoes and tried to empty her mind from the terror of the insect things.

During 3rd watch a huge sound came from the direction of Ur Tamal and we all ran for the boat – and we learned two things. Anna can fly faster than any we’ve ever seen and she can lift/carry a boat containing the rest of the group. Kath attempted to help push the boat but realized he could not keep up. The heat was so intense that J’Rothe nearly lost consciousness and Anna’s shoes began to smoke. She found reserves from somewhere and flung the boat into the sea as the soundwave, and then the heatwave washed over everyone. The forest was on fire and many animals and beasts burst out onto the beach and ran into the water to avoid being burnt to a crisp.

At this time a ship hove into view and made towards our own. Kath flew towards them and the tall man who was in charge, yelled out, “I am Skel and in Ceynara’s name, give us the stone”. Dagan replied with an arrow and the fight was on as Skel ordered his crew to fire upon us. They threw bottles with flaming wicks at our poor boat and J’rothe prooved how agile he is by catching the first two and lobbing them back at the attackers. Skel and 4 or 6 of his minions leaped the gap betwixt the ships and as he threw off his cloak, we saw he had 4 arms each holding a sword or axe. Thankfully the others had only the normal 2 arms each.

The huge 4 armed man attacked our able Dagan and did not get through his armor. Dagan hit and rocked him back upon his heels. The minions left in the larger ship shot arrows at Anna and Kath, who was trying to throw a blasting potion upon their deck. He dodged but that caused his aim to be off and the potion glugged as it went beneath the waves. The bottles thrown back to the ship by J’Rothe had already started a nice little fire and a few of the men started fighting the flames – yet others took aim on Kath. Anna flew in and tried to punch a hole in the opposing ship, cracking a few timbers but not getting through.

Two minions attacked J’Rothe on the smaller boat and 2 faced off against Dasyra. J’Rothe was a blur of speed as he dispatched his two and they had barely the time to attempt to block much less swing at him. Dasyra dodged the blows aimed at her and watched as Kath was hit 3 times by arrows and Anna twice. Dasyra bellowed to Kath to come to her as he lurched in midair and closed her eyes in preparation for healing. He managed to right himself and shake off his wounds for a moment to glide to the deck. Anna flew into the ocean and burst out swiping a hole near the waterline of the ship.

Skell swung at Dagan another 4 times and hit him twice and blood began to flow as wounds opened under his armor. J’Rothe switched his attention to the 4 armed man and attempted to land a blow upon him. Kath landed and Dasyra felt a rush of power as she laid her hands upon his wounds. In the blink of an eye all his wounds closed and she opened eyes sparking with blue electric power – and got hit by the two minions she’d completely forgotten. They easily passed her defences and she took 4 wounds and staggered in pain before she controlled herself. Dagan swung his axe in a mighty arc just to have it glance off the armor of his foe but that caused an opening J’Rothe couldn’t resist as he decapitated Skel.

At the same time Dasyra called upon Illiana, whose domain she stood upon. “Illiana, Wave-rider hear my plea. These spawn of Ceynara would use YOUR domain to acheive their wretched goal. Deny them and wipe their ship from existence”, she cried. From yards away, the ocean rose up and a kracken’s tentacles wrapped around the ship, pulling it, along with the screaming passengers below the water. The final two minions were dispatched by Kath as he stood between them and Dasyra so she could work her magic. As the waves calmed, and the magic subsided, she walked to the edge of the ship and dipped a small vial into the water. One component down, six to go.



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