Rangers of the Maelstorm

Future, destiny and shadows

Session 12

The rangers, rested from their battle with Lady Marlow travelled to the Ironback Keep. Kath took flight scouting the stone fortress as the group traveled the earthen road between the two lakes. The hall was quiet, no obvious signs of life. Though the gate was barred it took little effort for Kath to open it and the group make its way inside.

It was obvious that Lady Marlow did little to keep up appearances or maintain the dignity the keep once held. There were no servants or assistants to be found. The managed to locate a room full of corpses in varying states of decay. A undignified resting place for the victims of the vampire mistress who ruled the keep. They found Lady Marlow’s bedchamber and her coffin. Not far from there a vault room.

Dasyra and Kath explored a small library and a neglected greenhouse near the back of the keep. They soon discovered a book of primal druidism. The book held secret transmutation spells that would allow the group to collect the final ingredients to return home to their own time, the roots of a black rose.

Dagan and J’Rothe explored the vault. Finding treasure and art it seemed that what remained of the Marlow Clan fortune was locked here. They also found a pair of whitesilver long swords which here the highlight for the two warriors.

As Dasyra prepared for the primal incantation she was confronted by a familiar face. It was Dagan Thunderstone, but his was old and beaten down. He struggled along with a wooden leg, his eyes full of rage as he lashed out at her. He claimed that she was responsible for the rangers destruction and that she sided with the evil Ascended mistress Ceynara. Current Dasyra wouldn’t believe it and was prepared to end her own life to prevent her from killing her friends and turning evil .Flanked was a older, disfigured Kath who kept him covered with his bow. Dasyra kept Dagon distracted and talking while Kath animated a pair of shears and sent them to retrieve the current Dagan and J’Rothe.

J’Rothe managed to disable future Kath’s bow and tried to calm the situation. Dagan too gave their future selves a chance to stand down. A woman cloaked in the symbols of Ceynara and covered in magical fire called out to the group, causing old Dagan to panic. It was future evil Dasyra the Black along with her thratchen guard Kaliban. The battle begun.

Future Dagan went for current Dasyra with his ax while everyone else went after Dasyra the Black and the Thratchen. With a combination of magic, magical hammers and will the group defeated evil Dasyra and drove of the thratchen. The future counterparts remained fighting till their last breath.

After the battle the group was eager to return home. As they cast the spell it was interrupted by a mysterious figure. He informed the rangers that they have come to the attention of the Triumvirate who is in need of champions. The group was hesitant, unwilling to fail their task. The mysterious figure assured the adventures that they could never restore Ann Melain’s destiny because it was never hers, it was Dasyra. Mystical talisman’s known as telesma had bonded to them and bound them together. He explained that there was a multitude of worlds in desperate need of heros. The rangers decided to follow the mysterious figure into the white light and to the next adventure.


Clearly, the Triumvirate came for Kath.. Fear not Rangers.. this is just one more world for us to make our name in… Kath will lead you all to Glory, Victory, and Wealth. Future generations on many world’s shall sing our praises and look to the heavens in worship.

Future, destiny and shadows

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