Rangers of the Maelstorm

Plague Hill

Session 14

Mr. Jingles, the group’s guide, summons them together to give them their next mission. The rangers are going to the Triumvirate home world. They are tasked with assisting a soldier, Corporal Denny Denim with completing his mission. Mr. Jingles was unable to give any additional details on the mission causing some consternation among members of the group.

The group arrived after the Battle of Burning Hill. Piles of burning corpses littered were all around them . They battlefield still had wrecked tanks and vehicles laying where they fell. Mr. Jingles explained that this was one of the final battles in a great war in which the side of righteousness would prevail. Using their telesmas to guide them the rangers made their way to a nearby forest to discover corporal Denim burying his fallen comrades.

Denim’s mission was simple; to kill the Baron of Plague Hill. His unit was supposed to get to him during the main battle but the Baron and his pride of were-lions fled the battlefield. Denim said that special weapons were needed, gold weapons to kill the baron. The shipment carrying the gold weapons was attacked and never arrived.

J’Rothe collected the gold coins they had from Shaintar and melted them down. From that he managed to coat one dagger in gold. They managed to track down the wreckage of the plane carrying their weapons, a pair of golden swords. The group then headed to Plague Hill where the baron lived.

The baron used lions as guards in the fields surrounding the simple walled camp. Kath flew over the camp and spotted the lions but the camp appeared abandoned. The group split up and while the lions guarding the base were distracted the rest investigated the camp. The baron and his bodyguards sprung their trap.

The rangers using grenades, magic and a pair of golden swords fought the baron and won the day. Allowing Denim to complete his mission.



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