Rangers of the Maelstorm

Queen's Gambit

Session 13

The heroes, now aboard a vessel traveling the maelstrom, has been preparing for their new mission. Their mysterious contact with the Triumvirate, Mr. Jingles has been making arrangements for training, equipment and in Dagon Thunderstone, augmentation. Kath was not there, as Mr. Jingles advised them that times may dictate service of the hero would be required elsewhere.

The group received a distress call from the Queen of Vrost, Kaross. Her castle is under attack and they are in desperate need of assistance. Despite J’Rothe’s protests to travel to the ice world the group soldiers on. Upon arriving at the ice castle they meet with Captain Whisper of the Queens guard who with some trepidation escorts the heroes to the queen.

The queen tells the rangers of King Myros and his death machine that is attacking her defenses. She desperately wants to negotiate but all efforts have been for naught. She requests that the heroes be merciful. The heroes agree but have doubts. As they prepare they are attacked.

Brutes in the service of Set attack the throne room. Mr. Jingles had warned them of Set Slaver’s seen nearby, so the group had an idea they would appear. Armed and armored the battle began with Dagan and J’Rothe cutting a swath through the Brutes while Dasyra used her magic to occupy and annihilate. As the battle ended they found that Captain Whisper had been beheaded by the thratchen, Kaliban. He winked at J’Rothe and teleported away. There was little time for grief and rage as King Myros’s death machine rocked the castle.

The heroes took on the giant mechanical boar with full power. Using magic and whitesilver to try and fell it. J’Rothe scaled the side while Dagan managed to cripple it. Stealthfully getting inside J’Rothe managed to knock out the driver, King Myros himself.

Once under control the Queen with the assistance of the rangers were able to reason with King Myros. He was grief stricken over the loss of his son and didn’t know his death was an accident. He swore never to return to Vrost. He returned home without incident and the death machine was destroyed. With the thanks for Queen Kaross the rangers returned to the Maelstrom.



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