Rangers of the Maelstorm

The Battle of Iron and Bone

Session 11

Seven thousand years in the past, standing in an abandoned prison, surrounded by a hundred skeletal warriors the rangers faced a fearsome opponent. Lady Marlow Ironback sat astride her manticore and demanded the Shannis Stone from them. The rangers knew no mercy would come if they surrendered and defied her in threats. The battle begun.

Lady Ironback took flight and was joined by a retinue of half-man, half bat body guards. The rangers took on the army of skeletons. The battle was fierce and bloody. Anna, another lost warrior from another dimension heard a crackle and a familiar voice in her ear. Her friends had found her, the calvary was coming. From the cloud cover appeared a flying knight in mirror armor and another who with Anna’s help took on the skeletons. Freeing up the rangers to face Lady Ironback and her personal guard.

The battle was bloody and long. The rangers took their lumps and were looking as if they weren’t going to pull it off but Kath’s new found abilities and the resolve of Dagan, Dasyra and J’Rothe managed to defeat the guards and knock Ironback from her mount, revealing her vampire nature to the group.

Knowing that the vampire was another step towards home the worked in unison to bring her down and win the day. After the battle Kath revealed that Zavonis had reached down and blessed him with new abilities. Uncertain to what that meant it gave the ranger’s assurance they were on the right path.

Anna and her friends Samara and Zeke had found a way home. They could return to their world but could not aid the rangers in returning to the future. The parting was bitter sweet as Anna had come to be one of them. Ann and her friends disappeared into a portal of white light. The rangers tired and beat up decided to head up to Ironback Keep in search of the last ingredient, the roots of a black rose.


That’s pretty good, except forgetting the part where Lady (a term I use very loosely) Ironback knocked my intestines out through my ears with that hammer. Luckily, teamwork and skill won the day. Otherwise, the world would be a little more Dark without Kath in it.

The Battle of Iron and Bone

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