Rangers of the Maelstorm

The Speckled Pig Murder

Session 15

The rangers celebration over the were lions of Plague Hill was short lived as the world faded around them. As the whiteness consumed them they expected to see the ship or Mr. Jingles but instead found themselves inside of an office. They no longer wore military uniforms but street clothes bearing the insignia of “Ivory Knights”.

They were greeted by an attorney named Brie Bonn. She was expecting the rangers and she informed them they had been hired to help with the investigation of a murder. The victim was an elven noble named Zurin Wa and his murderer, Shin was sentenced to hang at dawn the next day. Brie was concerned because Shin mounted no defense. The group began to dig into the event.

They went and spoke with Shin, a day laborer with no family and very little history. He said very little, only that the elve made a choice. The group was also able to determine that Shin was not under any mystical influence.

From there the group split up checking out the bar where the murder took place and Shin’s home. Clues were found in both places; at “The Speckled Pig” the rangers found bloody shirt and the murder weapon and at Shin’s small apartment they found the hidden remnants of a burned message. They managed to restore it but without the key they couldn’t break the code.

While at the apartment they were confronted by a women who was being mystically controlled, she warned the rangers. “The knife was at their throat and they would be destroyed”

The group worked on the burned message and the hunt for clues until the last moment. The judge didn’t agree with the group that there was enough to stay the execution and Shin maintained his emotionless demeanor. Shin’s last words were “Long live the King” as he hung until he was dead.



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